Provided comprehensive services to Caretti retail shops in Sharjah & Abu Dhabi where we delivered professional CCTV installation for retail shops and WIFI installation dedicated to businesses that ensure reliable wireless internet connectivity for customers and staff.



Provided a comprehensive range of services and solutions tailor-made for the educational sector to the government of Sharjah Educational Council in the UAE.

These services include:

Professional WIFI Installation for big offices: Setting up wireless internet connection to ensure seamless network access for students, teachers, and staff within educational facilities.

Structured Cabling: Establishing a structured cabling system to facilitate reliable and efficient data transfer and communication infrastructure.

CCTV Installation: Installing CCTV for surveillance and security purposes to monitor various areas of the educational facilities.

Interactive Display and Smart Board Installation: Implementing interactive display solutions, likely for classrooms or educational purposes, to enhance teaching and learning experiences through interactive multimedia content.

PBX System: Setting up a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) telephone system to manage internal and external communication eminently within the educational premises.

These services collectively contribute to enhancing the educational environment, security network, and communication infrastructure within the Sharjah Educational Council.



Welcome to MAK Network Solutions your trusted partner in revolutionizing the educational landscape through cutting-edge IT solutions. We understand the unique challenges faced by schools and educational institutions, and we are committed to providing tailored technology solutions that empower educators and enhance the learning experience for students.

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Furusiyya Equestrian Club

We MAK Network Solutions served as a crucial component of the club's safety measures.

CCTV Installation for Equestrian Club: By strategically placing CCTV cameras in horse stables and throughout the facility, the club can monitor areas where horses are kept, as well as common areas where staff and clients footfall frequently. This surveillance system was designed specifically for the Equestrian Club to help in preventing accidents, identify potential hazards, and ensure that proper care is provided to the horses. Additionally, CCTV footage can be reviewed to investigate any incidents or concerns that arise within the premises.

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Lighting Store

CCTV installation enhances security and surveillance within retail shops like the Lighting Store. By strategically placing cameras throughout the premises, MAK Network Solutions helps monitor and record activities, deter theft, and ensure the safety of staff and customers. Structured cabling ensures reliable connectivity and efficient operations of the store's network, supporting functions such as inventory management, point-of-sale systems, and communication between different branches throughout the UAE.

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