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We provide you with smart home security solutions to make your life more comfortable, enjoyable and secure by providing state of the art technology and equipment that can provide an optimal convenience that suits your home best.

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Design and Implementation of CCTV Camera in Dubai

Want to keep an eye on your loved ones while you’re away from home? Has your babysitter been acting weird lately? Security is of utmost importance whether it’s your family, your home or business. Our team has successfully delivered several projects for design and Implementation of CCTV Camera in Dubai and across regions in UAE. Our CCTV consultants will help you to select the best systems more aligned with your requirements and supporting the site conditions in which they will operate.

We provide CCTV systems committed to monitoring activities at home or in work areas. Our well-designed and highly advanced CCTV security system will allow you to remotely monitor activities while you carry out your daily tasks. We let our customers take a well-informed decision rather than buying an expensive system that does not meet the requirements at all.


The intrusion detection systems are designed and used to signal threats in facilities under protection in the case of an intrusion or theft. The intrusion detection system can also function as an indicator of other dangers, such as personal alarm in case of health problems or robbery, gas leakage, fire detection, flood and other incidents.

How it Works:
An intrusion detection system is comprised of three general peripheral devices positioned in strategic locations to provide security based on the required protection level.

These systems can be paired with smartphone alarm devices that communicate alarms or other information to a central station or to antecedently programmed phone numbers.





The three kind of peripheral devices are

A detector is a device that detects a certain type of violation. There are certain types of detectors. The detectors used for intruder detection and panic alarm are as follows.

These devices allow the security system to send the alert on the occurrence of an incident.

The main function of these devices is to command and operate security systems. Operating keyboards and remote controls are devices that allow the user to interact with the system.

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