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Smart and secure integrated network solutions in Dubai

Security is of utmost importance whether it’s your family, your home or business and we are committed keeping all of them safe at all times. Let us protect your personal and enterprise assets with the most recent and most reliable security and network solutions in Dubai, UAE to minimize risks and maximize your security.


MAK provides WIFI and networking solutions for your home and office anywhere in Dubai UAE. Our certified engineers will strategically design your home network using the latest technology to ensure you don’t encounter any networking issues that make your device refuse to work properly.


Integrating and maintaining technology can be a full-time endeavor forcing you to take the focus away from your business. MAK provides reliable service plans to optimize and evolve your security and information communication system so you can work free from worry. Our team delivers support based on our values of dedication and accountability.




Welcome to MAK, Wifi solutions provider in UAE. We bring everything that you would expect from an internet service provider – a highly professional installation and setup, high internet speed, a reliable network, great technical support and customer service to create a remarkable experience for the users, thereby remaining the most trusted WiFi Solutions provider in Dubai and across UAE.


Designing Efficient and Cost Effective Home Wifi Networks
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Enjoy a home Wifi network that never drops, is fully secure, and ensures optimum functioning of your devices! We begin by understanding the physical layout of your space and strategically think to deploy a strong home wifi network that delivers quality with a seamless voice and data experience for you in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Design and Implementation of CCTV Camera in Dubai
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Our team has successfully delivered several projects for design and Implementation of CCTV Camera in Dubai and across regions in UAE. Our CCTV consultants in Dubai in will help you to select the best systems more aligned with your requirements and supporting the site conditions in which they will operate. We let our customers take a well-informed decision rather than buying an expensive system that does not meet the requirements at all.
IP Telephony and PABX Systems
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A quality phone system is a key link for every business to make connections with customers and build a strong impression of your brand. We provide very reliable and convenient IP Telephony and PABX systems with sound quality and easy accessibility to various features that include call waiting, conferencing, automatic ring back, call recording, hands-free operation and much more!  Upgrade your business to the most advanced voice and data network which is very easy to install and manage and get significant cost savings!

A/V and Public Address Systems for Events
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Right sound is a key ingredient of a successful event to create lasting connections with your audience.  We provide you modern audio-visual and public address systems with incomparable quality, possessing clarity and sound loud enough to cover your listeners with uniformity whether you need it for a small conference room or a big auditorium. Our experts are well-equipped to analyze your space and design a commercial AV or Public address system which will be just right for you.

Access Control & Time Attendance System
Security and control – Simplified!

Improve the work efficiency and productivity as we help you to manage the security of your premise and working hours of employees by providing diverse employee working hour tracking and monitoring systems and access control functions. Very easy to install, built on a detachable structure; they start capturing information instantly prohibiting any unauthorized access. We can provide different kinds of access and attendance control solutions based on the requirements of our customers.

Security Solutions (Anti-Theft/Intruder Detection Systems)
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Security is of paramount importance whether it’s your family at home or business. You can trust us for smart, reliable security systems for security solutions like intruder detection and anti-theft systems. We are equipped with highly advanced technologies to take care of your security requirements, recommending solutions and installing intrusion detection sensors, systems and services surrounding layout, installation, intrusion detection testing, intrusion detection inspection, service and intrusion monitoring.

Home Automation
All in One!

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in supporting how our home functions by providing creative solutions to help us overcome the challenges of everyday lives. Our home automation solutions combine technology with connectivity and mobility for your appliances to perform in a perfect rhythm that can be remotely controlled. Even when you are away from home, your house will be competent enough to make intelligent decisions.

IT Support & Digital Signage Solution
We make IT happen!

We provide conceptualization and installations of digital signage solutions to meet your business or personal needs. Increase awareness about your business and capture the attention of your customers with messages, images, videos, information and interactive touch displays that can be remotely controlled. We have highly experienced and trained technicians for operating, servicing and maintaining all technical aspects of digital signage systems. We use a wide array of content managing and compositing software applications to manage, maintain, schedule, program, and implement content over a network of high visibility LED and LCD displays.

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