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Smart and secure integrated network solutions in Dubai

Being the market leader of home Wi-Fi installers, MAK Solutions provides the most reliable and secure network solutions in UAE. Secure your office and home with our smart solution that are specially designed for your security. Security is an important factor that should not be neglected. Our networking solutions make sure that your office, home and your assets are as secured as they can be. We are providing the best Wi-Fi in Dubai and UAE to minimize risks and maximize your security.


Intelligent Wi-Fi and Networking Solutions

We at MAK strive hard to bring you these intelligent networking solutions systems for you and your device to work at full threshold without encountering any networking problem. Our adept system and networking engineers make sure that you enjoy the best upload and download speed, and that too without any interruption. You will no longer have to wait now for your favorite movie to take an hour to download. We ensure that our systems are integrated with utmost professionalism and safety, that does not have to looked upon again and again. We are counted amongst the best Wi-Fi Solutions provider in Dubai, UAE. Contact us today and get your connection networked from the best engineers in Dubai.


MAK has been a hub of providing smart and acute home automation services that don’t require to be instructed. For your appliances to operate in total alignment and be remotely regulated, our wireless networking solutions incorporate seamlessly with accessibility and freedom. We have experienced and skilled personnel that could really install, maintain, and sustain all technical elements of smart home automation. If you are looking for the most reliable home Wi-Fi solutions provider in Dubai, go no further than MAK. With our solutions, control your home remotely from anywhere, anytime on the ease of a click. Also, our adept staff is ready to answer all your technical issues and fix them in the least possible time. Well, you’ll never need that with our services!


We have the Security Solutions for your needs.

We provide you with smart home solutions to make your life more comfortable, enjoyable and secure by providing state of the art technology and equipment that can provide an optimal convenience that suits your home best.


Integrating and maintaining technology can be a full-time endeavor forcing you to take the focus away from your business. Our smart and efficient solutions provide reliable service plans to optimize and evolve your security and information communication system so you can work free from worry.

CCTV Surveillance

Want to keep an eye on your loved ones while you’re away from home? Has your babysitter been acting weird lately? Security is of utmost importance whether it’s your family, your home or business.

VOIP Service

VoIP offers a cost-effective alternative to orthodox phone systems. To operate Voice over IP phone systems, all users need is a high-speed Internet connection and a VoIP phone service provider.

Network Solutions

We provide our clients with solutions according to their needs. We also make sure not to install any unnecessary devices that may compromise price and efficiency.

Security Solutions

MAK Network Solutions configures, validates and manages the right security solution for users’ network. We implement policies and procedures that restrict access to system resources and specify authorized users, programs and processes.

Home Automation

Home Automation: Technology is playing an increasingly important role in supporting how our home functions by providing creative solutions to help us overcome challenges of everyday lives.

Biometric Solutions

We at MAK Network Solutions draft a perfect mix of algorithms and technology to enhance user experience and security at the same time by offering superior Access control and Attendance systems.

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