MAK Network Solutions is based in Dubai providing a comprehensive solution for all networking / WiFi needs of the customers. We are not a freelance company. We have our in-house team of experts, certified WiFi/Wireless network engineers who are well-qualified and trained to plan, design and implement every aspect of a wireless network to ensure it is fast, fully secure and instantly accessible for the end user. We are experts at what we do and we never compromise on the quality of products or materials we use. Our dedicated team can do a full audit of your premise to recommend correct positioning of access points to ensure optimal connectivity in the entire coverage area.

With more than 100+ projects delivered successfully so far, we ensure to deliver the best solution in a highly professional manner. 

We use the latest technology in heat mapping service. We assess the quality of the current state of your wireless network, check for weak signal locations and problematic devices to plan a new Wi-Fi installation. We use high-quality, professional and warrantied IT equipment supported by smart structure cabling which is tested to meet the industry standards for a seamless performance.

We provide a free lifetime maintenance support in case there is any disruption in connectivity or the working of devices. Our experienced staff is always available to address and fix any networking issues.  

MAK enables you to connect several locations with just ‘one internet connection’. Internet connectivity is easily extended to share the internet in multiple locations with switches. End users do not need to spend any more on their mobile data or buying expensive boosters and routers, they can enjoy the guaranteed high-speed connectivity from MAK.  
We use topmost brands to give you the highest security cameras. The most significant thing about these cameras is that they can be easily connected to your Wi-Fi network and you can monitor the activities no matter how far are you from your house or office.

We install cameras which use SSL remote encryption to protect the information during transit.  We are  CCTV consultants in Dubai who can provide a lifetime support for CCTV repair or maintenance.

If you are frequently facing problems such as poor internet connection or no connection, it could be due to the lower end routers and access points and you can’t do much about it. We always use the high-quality devices to ensure your Wi-Fi network always remain secure and connected. We are not sub-contractors, we deal directly with the top manufacturers to pick top internet devices to give a seamless online experience to our customers and attain the highest client satisfaction.

We pride ourselves to be the best Wi-Fi service provider in Dubai for our responsiveness, ability to meet client expectations, providing high-quality products and services and delivering solutions in a professional way.

Most important reasons why you should have a CCTV surveillance system is to protect your house and office from any potential threat. There could be many reasons you would think of installing a security camera outside your house or inside the office.

Keep a close watch – You can easily monitor any suspicious activities in any area of your home or office.

Deter crime – Criminals will always refrain from doing any harm in the presence of a CCTV camera. One camera mounted on a wall is enough to discourage thieves to make any plans.

Safety – CCTV Camera installation ensures the safety of your family and security of your property.

Catch Criminals – CCTV cameras can record valuable evidences that can help in identification of criminal, in case of any incident within the monitored space.

When you want to buy a CCTV system, always consider if you want to buy it for your house or office, the installation will be outdoor or indoor?  There are different aspects that you can consider before selecting a CCTV camera that meets your expectations. If you want to see more details of a location, you may opt for high-resolution cameras or you can select a more sensitive camera that can work very well even in poorly lit areas.  How sensitive a camera is determined by the minimum lights it needs to capture a usable image. We have both a high-quality resolution and sensitive cameras which can work very well even in low light conditions making the object clear for you to see.

There are several reasons why time and attendance systems are important for businesses. They are really efficient in capturing real-time data and most of them are compatible with smartcards or other biometric terminals. Apart from providing an accurate reporting of the time, they help in improving staff productivity.  Time check makes payroll obligations easy to follow for businesses and also gives them an understanding on the areas for improvement. Such devices captures the timings 100% more accurately than any manual tracking which is a waste of time and resources for the company. There is no possibility to have any kind of employee dissatisfaction as employees can keep a track of their working hours and feel responsible to ensure they abide by the working hours policies. There is no scope of error and the data can be easily sent to the payroll for salary processing.
PABX refers to Private Automatic Branch Exchange, it’s a telephone system that is used to switch calls between various users in an enterprise locally while allowing all the users to have a certain number of external phone lines as well. It saves cost by not requiring a separate line for each user to the central office of the telephone company.

Benefits include:

It saves money and that is why PABX phone system is very suitable for smaller companies. Purchasing a telephone system is a concern for businesses as it costs! PABX systems are cost effective as compared to other technologies.

They are very easy to manage and no extensive training required for its usage. Your staff can very easily understand to operate it. Calls can be easily conferenced, you can limit the number of users in the calls, send and receive IVR messages, and permitting employees to manage their calls from mobile phones when not in the office.

Leads to improved communication between different departments. Calls can be recorded, and reports can be generated for complete tracking.

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