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Home Automation: Technology is playing an increasingly important role in supporting how our home functions by providing creative solutions to help us overcome the challenges of everyday lives. Our home automation solutions combine technology with connectivity and mobility for your appliances to perform in a perfect rhythm that can be remotely controlled. Even when you are away from home, your house will be competent enough to make intelligent decisions.


Home WiFi problems? Don’t we worry we’ve got you covered.

A strong network is the foundation of every smart home wifi coverage. How impeccably your smart devices coordinate and work together to their full potential, depends entirely on how robust is the network they are running on!  We provide a fully integrated network of switches, routers, wireless access points, power management, and software technologies.

We provide our clients with Home security solutions in UAE according to their needs. We also make sure not to install any unnecessary devices that may compromise price and efficiency.  By creating the WiFi heat maps of your home or office we determine the optimal solution through studying the quality of WiFi coverage transmitting from your access point (or whether we should move it, add another access point, or otherwise tweak your network).


We all enjoy good music and a well-designed music and video system in our home will allow all the members of the family to browse select and enjoy their own music in every room. You can also extend your music outdoors with wireless and weatherproof outdoors speakers. You can control your AV system with an RF remote, touch panel, keypad, iPad® or similar Wi-Fi smart device.

With all these features you can listen to your favourite music whenever and wherever you want. What more to ask for!!


Custom Home Cinemas are the most elegant and the most comfortable environments for watching movies possible. Take your family to the movies or invite your friends over for a feature film in your own theatre.

Enjoy the fruits of the newest electronic viewing technology in a luxurious cinema in the comfort of your own home. Our custom home cinema designs transform any room into a high performance, yet aesthetically pleasing home cinema.


Smart lighting control systems provide the right amount of light where and when it is required. Sensors are used to adjust lights and provide a perfect look for your house all the time. The daylight sensors automatically adjust shades and lights to create the perfect blend for any time of day. The occupancy sensors turn on the lights when someone enters a room.

MAK feels proud and recognizes itself as one of the best home automation companies in Dubai, offering smart locks and smart overall smart homes. You can control your lights, fans and air conditioners from any of your mobile phones or tablets or any other digital devices.

End your search to find the best smart lock company in Dubai as you’ve landed on the right page! Smart home solutions in Dubai offered by MAK are fully designed to provide with you with all the ease and comfort that you always desired of. Apart from these, our international standard security cameras will help you keep your home safe from burglars and theft. You can easily keep a check on your kids and your family while you are on work or out of the office. Before returning home, you can switch on your air conditioners so you get the exact temperature you wanted when you reach home. Also, if you forget to turn off your lights while leaving for office, you can easily do that from your mobile phone and tablets. Get the best services from the most renowned automation and security firm in town! Our solutions will never let you down in any problem!

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