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We provide data & voice cabling, structured cabling, digital PABX systems, IP telephony, high-speed wireless solutions. Our solution guarantees a perfect blend of high technology and latest fashioned work ethics and workmanship. We provide secure and prompt communication technology.

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A structured cabling system is important to integrate the voice, data, video, and various management systems of a building.

Why are structured cabling systems vital? A well-structured cabling system will ensure a smooth flow of information. SCS provides uninterrupted and seamless operations of various information systems such as safety alarm, security access, energy system, data centre etc. The SCS can provide up to 15% of construction savings for just business management system installation as compared to traditional installation which uses heavier gauge cables.

MAK Network Solutions is a leader in the field of structured cabling systems as well as smart home systems. It specializes in providing LCS2, LCS2 copper, LCS2 fibre optic, LCS2 enclosures and LCS2 workstations.


Wifi that just connects!! Designed with mobility in mind, our Wifi Wireless Networking & Hotspot solution offers broadband Internet access which requires extra security features, unlike regular enterprise wireless LANs. Our Wifi network solution delivers security, quality, and a seamless voice and data experience.

MAK Network Solutions provide Wifi and Hotspot solutions for hotels, coffee shops/restaurants, shopping centers, libraries, and many more. Moreover, we understand the crucial role that budgets play in IT decisions. Whether you own a small company, a large corporation, or mid-sized firm, we can provide you with complete Wifi Wireless Networking & Hotspot services tailored to your business needs and goals.


Many organizations are moving from analogue phone systems to IP Telephone systems to improve communications. We at MAK Network Solutions offers installations and maintenance services for IP Telephony & Hybrid PABX systems. We also offer products, such as PABX/PBX Phones, PABX/ IP PBX Telephone Systems, and Memory Cards at a very competitive price.


MAK Network Solutions configures, validates and manages the right security solution for users’ network. We implement policies and procedures that restrict access to system resources and specify authorized users, programs and processes.


VoIP offers a cost-effective alternative to orthodox phone systems. To operate Voice over IP phone systems, all users need is a high-speed Internet connection and a VoIP phone service provider. At MAK Network Solutions we offer VoIP provider services that can cater to your business specific needs.

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